Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel! It’s Brittney, and today I’m going to show you three outfits with clothing from Torrid and Fashion Nova that I’ve worn over the past few days that include styling a bikini top! As you will find out in this video multiple times (hehe), I love wearing bikinis and think it’s super fun to style them into regular outfits for summer.


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I’m a woman who identifies as lesbian (sometimes more femme, sometimes more stem). In the past, I created a community from my xBrittney89 moniker. If you are from my old community and have made it to my new home here, welcome! Leave a comment and let me know you’re back so I can welcome you! I make fashion, style, and beauty content! I’m a writer, artist, model, speaker, and creator. Check out my website for all of my offerings!

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